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A gang-star is a gangster who is also a superstar

by Dank_Boi69 November 17, 2018
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Gang-star the most ruthless mother fuker going!
He is extremely smart, not like your typical gangster this mofo thinks shit through so that he will fuk your shit up and still not get in shit. THE REAL OG
Did you hear about Rick, cunts thought he was a bit slow and tried to rip him off, the cunts all wound up dead and he got away with it, he's a proper Gang-star. He really thinks shit through.
by OG 4 LIfe! April 09, 2011
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the cross between a traditional gangster and a star, this can be in any field but espially in the area of bein super cool n smart and having the ability to spit some rhymes wen called upon
the prime exapmple is the up and coming rapper in sheffield willy b as he is super cool n famous in the sheffield underground rap scene, another example is the future prime minister of gangstar land and then england mikey g a.k.a mc politik: he's sick
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an idiot who thinks he is a gangster and maybe a part of a gang or may not and wouldn't have the guts to do any real gang stuff.
Gangstar: yo foo! ill shoot you up.

me: riiiiiight stupid tard...
by plazma muffin December 30, 2007
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A King or Gangstarette who has become an all star in the game! Attributes include entrepreneurship, alternative moral compass, fashion killahs holding it down for real ones. Infact not part of a gang but holds an empire, at times a lone soldier guarded by GOD. Push to kill on those who are unloyal, all-flexing type of niggahs who ain't about shit.
He's a real Gangstar, opened a line of strip clubs accross the country, legalised prostitution and employed over 50k women in his career providing more than 250k jobs to many people , many of the ghettos who got off the welfare system. A true gangstar
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1. a person that is a main leader or a highly regarded member of a gang.

2. also is commonly used between friends as a friendly reference to each other
"hey what up gang star"

"damn what a gang star"
by big B-F June 29, 2009
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not just a member of a gang -- but a member of a gang who is also a star
aye dog aye; dat new nigga is quite da gangstar
by armenia July 13, 2005
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