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Attempting to use a large number of your associates, or your authority, to intimidate a much smaller group.

In some cases this method works, but in others, it simply exposes you to catastrophic defeat. When successful, this is known as gang-bitching. However, when unsuccessful, it is known as "Bringing the sheep to the wolves," or "Bringing a knife to an M-60 party."
So I decided to Gang bitch the dude, sent 10 of my boys over to humiliate him. The idea is to ask him a question, then have all ten shout back at him while he tries to answer. What I failed to account for, is that this dude is totally comfortable 100 on 1, much less 10 on 1. Turns out gang-bitching a guy is not the dominant strategy when he's a soldier of the apocalypse.
by Johny Two Guns July 13, 2011
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