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Meaning what's good or what's up.
Hey man what's the good word?

Oh nothing just chilling.
by Sludgeface November 17, 2010

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A secret gang of cool people who try and get the uncool people to stop saying stupid words or phrases such as: Dealy or suck a chode or doucher. Members of the gang have a secret gang sign that looks like a bunny. It is almost impossible to tell who is in the BBG. If a word or phrase deemed stupid by the BBG is said by someone then all members of the gang in the room will take the speaker of the word away where they will never be seen again.

The BBG was started by a group of three cool kids attending Liberty High School in Bealeton Virginia and now spreads over 83 countries.
Idiot: I think i've got a bit of a dealy with that guy

BBG member: Bunny Bitch Gang! Get him!
by Sludgeface November 17, 2010

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