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Gang Stalking is a very methodical crime to ruin someone's social life, loose their job, and drive them out of town and out of their mind. These methods differ slightly by region and lifestyle.
This multi-Stalking attack plan carefully uses different people to continue operations without being caught. Anyone can get away with something once.
Initially a psychopath who somehow feels threatened by the victim, contacts the local gang or group who sends their members in to multi-stalk the victim.
See Gang Stalking Methods such as overt Brighting and Anchoring to initially sensitize the victim, car and home illegal entry. They may also poison pets or watchdogs.
While this is being done they test out the neighbors of the victims so the neighbors can continue this multi-Stalking crime. Different neighbors start Sametime entry/exit and brighting one by one.
Some of the closest neighbors they coax and force to do many different actions that may look a little out of the norm to the casual observer but they do not see any intent of any harm. The victim who is exposed to all of these actions on a day to day basis can see the actions are deliberately intended as a threat. Also these neighbors may even trespass or do illegal entry to mess up a victim's home when they are out but not enough to be seen as a crime by police.
They also attack the victim’s workplace by messing up their work and making it look like the victim screwed up so the victim can get fired. Also they attack the victim's coworker’s belongings if they can make it look like the victim did it.
While this is going on, they pick a close neighbor and force them out of their home or apartment. This can also be done by messing up their job.
This is to make room for the paid gang stalker and/or family to move in and continue the attack after they get all they can from the close neighbors. So if the victim is not socially ruined, jobless or insane, the paid gang stalker takes over. This gang stalker is like an army man and the gang stalking leaders pay him to continue the harassment and make it more severe! It can take three or more years to get to this point. However this gang stalker does not want to be caught because he has too much to loose. He has moved up in the gang stalking organization and knows alot, but he is out of the chain of command. This soldier is on a special project and may even be expendable. By now non-lethal EMF weapons may also be included in the attack. These weapons alone can drive a sane mind crazy.
The above forces now are now trained to attack the victim and this vicious cycle may occur again so if the same person attacks again in three years no pattern will be recognized. New gang stalkers can also be recruited too.
Killing a person's social life, job, marriage, ties with friends and family and making other's think the victim is crazy is social murder!
Victims have also committed suicide from the Gang Stalking Stress!
This is the perfect crime, fool proof in every way unless people become aware and stop it!
Please see the following Web Sites for additional Information:
See the following authoritative book written exclusively on this Issue.
Terrorists Vigilante Stalking in America By David Lawson
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The leader of the cult felt really threatened by what I said. I know he turned on the "Devil's Switch". That is the term for setting me up to their Gang Stalking Attack Plan!
by MRGs March 24, 2006
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