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Short for videogamester, combining (video)gamer and gangster. A person who is part of a certain game community engaged in an online gang war with another such community such as Xbox vs. Playstation, Infinity Ward vs. Treyarch, PC vs. console and so on. Possible symptoms of gang affiliation are overzealous brand loyalty, arguing on youtube, basically having nothing more important to talk about and virginity.
"Jim keeps sending me these links to those horrible Xbox 360 vs. Playstation 3 graphic comparison clips whenever a new game comes out."

"I take it he then starts bitching about how the colors look more realistic on one console than the other? And when the other idiots who comment on youtube disagree, he starts talking about the tv-screen they used for the clip and how biased they were?"

"Exactly, he's a total gamester. I told him to fuck off and then I just had sex with my girlfriend."
by Joe115 February 17, 2011
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One who is a gangsterat games
Oh even try to beat him at smash bros. He’s a TOTAL gamester!
by EPIXGAMING February 17, 2019
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