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The internet police force on the popular gaming website The moderating staff is made up entirely of volunteer, unpaid members of the larger GameFAQs community, yet most of these volunteers treat their positions as if they're part of an actual cyber police force. The moderators are obsessed with flaunting their power whenever possible, dishing out a number of moderations on average that most forums don't even come close to approaching. GameFAQs moderators are also obsessed with maintaining their secrecy for whatever reason, hiding behind a system that allows them to give out moderations anonymously, so that they don't have to deal with disgruntled users. Overall, this gives the entire forum a "Big Brother Is Watching" vibe and results in mutual distrust between the regular users and the moderators, who act more like corrupt police officers than volunteer members of a message board community.
GameFAQs moderators are amongst some of the most biased, powerhungry and corrupt moderating staffs on the entire internet. Whereas many moderating staffs try to maintain healthy relations between them and their userbase, GameFAQs moderators seem more concerned with being an online dictatorship.
by rico567 October 31, 2014
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These fine people that dedicate their spare time and effort, tirelessly deleting messages that wouldn't offend a two year old.
Irratable, cranky, constantly afflicted with the condition known as sand in your vagina-itis, they seek to do nothing more and nothing less than ruining jokes, deleting stories, and violating little children with large phallic objects.

How do you become a GameFAQs moderator?
Well, here's what you need:
1. An account older than two years with a clean moderation record. Basically, you must have an account where you basically post "hi" once a month for two years.

2. A unending desire to narc on strangers.

3. Unending loyalty to a flawed, inherently racist code of laws. Read the rules. The moderators can delete any message for any reason whatsoever. It's true. You can read ever rule and follow them to the letter, but you'll still get moderated.

4. You must be a person that derives joy from ruining the fun of others. This is probably the most important rule.

5. A total of twelve smirf or similar services t0 CjayC, owner and sell-out-er of GameFAQs. Also note that you must forever refer to him as Master, and must wear a gimp mask to look especially imposing.
"Message deleted by the request of a Moderator"
"Dude, I just got modded for asking a simple question!"
"What'd you ask?"
"Message deleted by the request of a Moderator"
"Message deleted by the request of a Moderator"
"Message deleted by the request of a Moderator"

Moderator: Wow. This is fun. Maybe I should go murder some orphans and violate their corpses. Wait, no. That's what we did yesterday.
by Orochi D... No, uh... Not P March 29, 2005
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Emissaries of the worst gaming site this side of Gamespot and servitors to the infernal jag CJayC.
Think Ring Wraiths only meaner, nerdier, with less professionalism and (despite a Ring Wraith being dead and evil with no body) less chance of getting laid....and less fashion sense.

Known for extreme corruption. Using the term moderator is akin to a slap in the face of anyone whose actually cared about the site they moderate.

Traits include:
1. Selective moderating.
2. Back-assward logic.
3. Blatant bias.
4. Extreme corruption.
5. Laziness.
6. Cowardice.
7. Power mongering.
8. Overall dickish-ness. (Thank you Jon Stewart)
A Gamefaqs Moderator helled me for using the term "bichin" to describe Captain Planet's mullet under "censor bypass" rules.
I figured since it mearly contains the word blocked but presents none of the offensive nature (Bart Simpson used it) and has never been considered a curse word, I'd be fine. I've always minded the Censor system. This was bullshit.

Meanwhile a nearby thread spent several pages calling homosexuals "abominations". Though the thread "why do the moderators allow so much trolling?" was quickly deleted. The trolling continued btw....

Another user:
"I can't believe I was modded for telling this troll off but the troll went unpunished! God the mods are corrupt."

My thread under petitions/suggestions was deleted:
Title: Petition: Eliminate Moderator Anonymity
Reason: Off topic posting.
by FlowersInMidgar September 28, 2006
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Someone with no sense of humor who will ban you for posting a link to this page in your signature.
This account has been banned from posting any further messages on GameFAQs. Bans are only given out by the site administrator, and only for severe and/or repeated TOS violations. This ban is permanent; this account can no longer be used.

You have been banned from this site. Because I'm a Gamefaqs Moderator and therefore, automatically, a fag.
by Svenhoek July 26, 2009
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1. The person in charge of repeatedly clicking the "ban" button.
2. The same person when he's in a good mood, so that he presses the "warn" button once for every 9 bannings.
2. The person in charge of repeatedly clicking the "uphold moderation" button.
by paperwarior June 09, 2005
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A species that carries two varieties:

Variety 1-A sincerely respectable and competent person who enforces reasonable rules and gives fair punishments. Unfortunately, is a incredibly rare breed.

Variety 2-A cranky person who takes things too seriously, mods people for saying things they don't like or agree with (regardless of the rules), and will instinctively play the rule lawyer game when called out on it. Will also frequently single out sole examples of the perceived rule breaking while blowing off other posters doing equal or worse.
A Variety 2 Gamefaqs Moderator in action:

"Topic deleted by mod due to being off topic"

Poster-But my topic involved various characters from the game and discussed them. And there are a crapload of topics that are just as much off topic such as crappy VS threads and yapping about your retarded fetishes threads.

Mod-Don't care. Don't like your thread. I like reading posters go on about how Sonic's furry power beats Mario, repeat unfunny memes, and go on about what underage cartoon characters they'd like to bone.


And here's another example:

Poster-"Posts his opinion on something that others don't agree with"

Mod-"Deletes post for trolling"

Poster-The Hell? I didn't post that to annoy other users or incite some flamewar. I was just posting my opinion.

And another example:

Poster: "Posts in topic that's now about a game where a black guy goes around killing white people by asking if the game will have fried chicken"

Mod: "Uses mod powers for some reason even though the post wasn't any more offensive than others in the topic that weren't modded whatsover."

Poster:''Is suspended, and doesn't get the chance to contest the moderation"
by Zarkos April 17, 2010
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A cranky old piece of dipshit, conflicted with nerdy humor and a nonexistant social life, these nerds' dreams in life are to become moderators so they can sit around all day and moderate messages on a forum. They're extremely paranoid, only worst of all, certain things that should be moderated aren't, and vice versa. It goes to the point where you can't actually say anything debate-like.

It's so hard to write anything because it;ll get moderated, and all because the moderator took what you said the wrong way because they're sicko perverts who jack off to anime.

That basically sums up the moderators. Don't forget, they obviously don't have a social life if they moderated for a forum. Although, wasting my time writing a definition for them isn't helping my life.
One time I accidentally, unintentionally, and barely used a replacement for a worse word (i said fork instead of fuck, and i was explaining how that rule should be remembered), then I got a suspension even though I had no prior moderations, and I had 50 karma. Instant ban. Next time I'll think twice before giving others my example.

One time I marked a username impersonating me directly, and nothing happened. why the fuck could he get away with that bullshit?

My definition is kinda screwed up. It applies to all people of GameFAQs, not just gamefaqs moderators.
by Measles September 04, 2007
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