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The following are the statistics of all the games made from these consoles, divided into the offical ESRB ratings, with the number and percentage of games made in that category of rating. Although the PC games are only the recent ones made.

E=132 games (49.07%)
M=19 games (7.06%)
R/P=27 games (10.03%)
T=91 games (33.82%)
Total games: 269

E=302 (35.93%)
M=112 (13.31%)
R/P=134 (15.93%)
T=293 (34.83%)
Total games: 841

E=129 (29.25%)
M=73 (16.55%)
R/P=76 (17.23%)
T=163 (37.96%)
Total games: 441

E=142 (16.82%)
M=104 (12.32%)
R/P=406 (48.10%)
T=192 (22.74%)
Total games: 844

E=122 (52.58%)
M=26 (11.20%)
R/P=52 (22.41%)
T=32 (13.79%)
Total games: 232

E=242 (36.39%)
M=49 (7.36%)
R/P=184 (27.66%)
T=190 (28.57%)
Total games: 665

Although PS2 won in total games, I bet a lot of these games made by these companies are pretty bad, considering u only see about 100-200 games at blockbuster for a single console. X-Box won as making the most percentage of M and T games, while Gamecube won in E games. And of coarse the mammoth PS2 won in no catagory for percentage, but won in E,M,T in numbers due to its mass production of games. While the PC won by a long shot in the R/P category. I'd say that Nintendo has the best game franchises; Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Resident Evil. Then PS2 with GTA, and X-Box with Halo. PC with the major companies like Blizzard, Westwood, ID.
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by adam October 26, 2004
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