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1. someone who lacks street smart qualities.
2. having square qualities. not knowing anything about the game.
That game goofy bitch almost got herself killed.
" Quit being game goofy, too bootsy."-the honorable Mac Dre.
by reek daddy May 06, 2006
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Having a passion for something that's considered backwards while thinking your moving forward in life.
The world is so GAME GOOFY, that women want to be men,and men want to be women
by L.O.P...Major! December 14, 2018
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An amateur or novice to a clandestine way of life that erroneously over performs secret actions to get attention or prove their association to that lifestyle.
I knew he was Game-Goofy when he showed up to the Album premier party wearing a Masonic apron and wearing an illuminati hat.
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