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Noun; slang, used in the Northern Territory and Queensland, Australia, derived from pigeon english.

A derogatory term used to define an individual, specifically someone who is fake, weak, a traitor, or just generally a bit of a dickhead.
Person 1:"Oi jah! you hear dat mulaga bin talkin shit, sayin he gonna bash you?"
Person 2: "Hey? Im Turramulli cuz, ill bitz that Gamdog, look!"
by Shugyosha February 27, 2018
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From the word 'Gammon' which has negative meanings (such as 'fake', 'bad' or 'stupid'). Gamdog is used to describe an individual who shows one or more of these qualities.

The word has its origins in The Northern Territory of Australia, particularly the capital city of Darwin, where it has evolved from the local pigeon-english group of slang.
"Aye brus! That one bloke over there bin acting Gammon, look."
"yeah true cuz, hes one Gamdog. Lets bitz him jah!"
by Andelusia May 07, 2018
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