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Gallybora is a mythical creature who lives in Norway. The myth of this creature is that she sings in a group called Idiosyncratic. Gallybora has never been seen in outside light before, which is why some people believe she dosn't exist.

Gallybora can also mean something good and cool. But that something has to be very outlandish for it to be called Gallybora.
Story teller: The mountains over there is where Gallybora is rumoured to spend her evenings.

Child: Mummy I don't want to turn the light off, I'm scared Gallybora might get me.
Mother: Don't worry. Gallybora doesn't exist. She hasn't even been seen in the outside world before.

Dude: Hey man look at that tree over there, its totally Gallybora!!!

Cat: Have you seen the new Steven Speilberg film? You should because its really gallybora!

Mosquito: This blood has a really edgy taste to it. I can't really describe it. Its tastes a bit gallybora though.

Hamster: Look at that persons hair! I wonder how it does it? It's so gallybora I wish I could have hair like that.
by Werman June 25, 2008
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