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A European women who is sophisticated, stylish and hard working. Strives for success and doesn't give up till the job is done. Prioritizes the needs of others, but also knows that she too needs pampering and to be surrounded by good friends and a good time.
Who's house are we having brunch at??


Didn't she just work 3rd shift at the hospital??

Yeah she did, but she's a trooper! Won't cancel plans just because she had to Be up all night!

Go Galina!!
by Fromthetruth April 13, 2017
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a girl who makes you have extreme boners. when you see a galina you will want to fuck.
a galina is the kind of person you will never really get to know because all you can think about when you see her is fucking her.
person 1: DAMN look at dat girl
person 2: yo i think i just got a boner.
person 1: "whats your name girl?"
galina: my name is galina.
person 1&2: I KNEW IT!... wanna fuck?
by sexlover123 July 10, 2008
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An amazing dancer who is kind, funny, beautiful and a heartbreaker. She is stubborn and sassy. She liked to tropical food and she speaks Spanish.
Girl one: I wish I was Galina

Girl two : I know

Galina winks and guys faint
by Pop1604 August 02, 2018
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