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A certain disorder/defect common among humans. Humans who are born as Galangles are missing a Soul. Even though symptoms can decrease in severity over time; there is no cure, and Galangles will never obtain their own soul.

However, this is not to say they will not steel someone elses soul. Therefore, Galangles should be approached with the utmost caution and a deep understanding of the threat they pose to an uninformed individual possessing a true soul.

The word "Galangle" has Celtic origins and the literal meaning is: "One who's head is aflame, and loins kindling beneath a soul-less cavity."

Males are generally affected worse by this birth defect. Symptoms include but are not limited to: Red Hair, Fire Crotch, Soul-Steeling Capabilities, Stealth, Persistence, Overwhelming amounts of freckles.

Very dangerous if Galangle identity is hidden beneath hair dye. Interestingly, Red Hair is much more difficult to dye therefore, we can assume those who do conceal their identity have gone through a serious effort to successfully do this. Thus, there is usually a motive for Galangle identity concealment: Soul Steeling
Galangle People: Danny Bonaduce, Julianne Moore, Carrot-Top, Seth Green

Colors: Auburn to Fire Red
by Lupe Moreana April 19, 2011
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