Your child’s kahoot name because it sounds like Gay Bitch
“Bro, what’s your kahoot name”

Ben Dover, what’s yours?”
“Gabe Itch”
by Iamasiansoinoracist May 30, 2020
Kyle: Have you heard of Gabe?
The Victim: No, who’s that
Kyle: Gabe Itch, Ha GOTTEM!
A prank that is funny but also is a kinda not.
:yeetus: say gabe itches 10 times fast :me: ok gabeitches gabeitches :me: oh wait :yeetus: *epicly dabs to the sunset*
by ThE RoBoT KiD December 8, 2019
Someone who you hate, a form of saying that you hate someone
by I dont eat forks April 21, 2021
When your gay bitches suck your balls when you are In youre room.
Say Gabe itches 10 times fast
by Happy67@ December 9, 2019
Gabe Itch you say say it fast my dudes
"Hey you're a.Gabe..... Itch!" or "Andrew is a Gabe itch!"
by JEW FaGgOt March 17, 2020