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Cool ass white girl with tons of swagger to go around, was possibly born a martian, a fun loving libra, who loves to pose as a french person with her swoop-ity bureau, and a friend definetly worth saving..;)
Oh gabby how i love you so! with thy skin so pale and thy eyes so..crispity.
by guesswho12345678910111213 June 02, 2010
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white girl who acts like a real nigga. Can be really nice but sometimes is a dick. She smokes a lot of weed.
yoooo gabby lets get high nigga
by baby thugalishes April 04, 2017
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the one person in the group chat that is always talking to themselves bc noone answers
I feel like gabby no one is answering.
by hsclouds September 01, 2015
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Typically Hispanic with a nice ass. But is borderline crazy.She normally is talking about penises and constantly says the word awkward but she is still amazing.
aye look at that girl with the meaty thighs, oh yea shes such a gabby.
by rawrcrazysnake April 12, 2010
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