GPOYW = Gratuitous Picture Of Yourself Wednesday!
a funny weekly picture of yourself. shot by you or someone else. used by blogger e.g. tumblr. can also be shot on other days, but posted only on wednesdays
GPOYW: at Monday night’s work holiday party, one of the first pictures with the new iPhone, using Tumblrette to post this, editon.
by 0211 December 11, 2008
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gonna poop on your wanker (or weiner)
Hey M.K., I'm GPOYW!

That'd be soooo safe, yah!?
by iaintevenmadoliver March 31, 2011
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gratuitous picture of yourself wednesday
Made popular on Tumblr
Hey! its Wednesday! Time to post up a picture of myself!!

*Posts a pic of themselves with caption: GPOYW*
by EiTheL January 5, 2010
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