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The ability of the human butt to know when it is close to its home toilet.
I didn't have to go during the whole five hour drive, but as soon as I turned onto my street my GP-ASS kicked in and I almost soiled my shorts.
by redmiked September 26, 2008
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Damn that was a steezy ass kickflip son!
by niggaliciouszor April 29, 2007
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Presumably a wallet sized laminated piece of identification much like a social insurance number or drivers license, issued by mail 6-8 weeks after one has completed training and satisfied the high-standards set in place by the G-Code Training Association with a final grade of 90% or greater. A G-pass ownership is proof the owner is a certified supporter and agrees by all means necessary to follow the set of rules to live by as set fourth by the G-Code.
"I'm sorry sir we cannont validate your "G-Pass" here but we can indeed validate parking."

β€œThe G-pass shall is and shall be at all times in ownership of the G-Code Commission and can be withheld, suspended or terminated with or without written cause at any given time as the board of directors sees fit. Reasons for immediate termination are, but not limited to, cooperation with local, state or federal law enforcement agency, conviction of any sexual oriented crime, notarized document signed by three or more G-pass holders stating with proof the valid reasoning...ect.
by kyle8000 January 13, 2012
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a guarantee of immunity from violence or other acts dangerous to one's person or property when in another's territory. Usually given by someone with a great deal of street credibility in a designated area and may often convey respect for another who has similar credibility (or connections thereto) in a different area. It is unwise to cross into another's territory without "announcing" yourself and requesting a G Pass. (Think hall pass for gangsters)
A west side gang member was caught on the East side without a G pass and therefore beat down and robbed.

A rapper from another city would be wise to contact the street powers that be in a city they plan to perform in to request a G Pass or they may be robbed, killed, extorted, or otherwise accosted. Biggie did not have a G Pass on the West Coast. Young Berg does not have a G Pass in Detroit and therefore is continually robbed and beat up every time he goes.

"blasting my city thats yo ass in my city need a pass in my city and im mr. hall monitor" -Big Sean "Home Town"
by DetroitWestSide7mile October 25, 2011
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The increased urgency of an impending bathroom emergency, the closer one's ass gets to the the toilet.
I had Taco Bell today and barely made it home. My GPass went off and by the time I made it to the front door my pants were at my ankles!
by Beansouper December 30, 2011
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1. Something Weezy F Baby doesn't need given to him, he's past that. He actually hands them out now, and you can't have one.
2. A card that certifies one as a "G."
1. And I don't even need a G pass, I'm past that
I'm passin em out now, and you can't have that
2. I just got my G pass in the mail, Kyle. Now I can go to Compton!
by A-Ron $izzle 2 Tha 3rd Power December 10, 2006
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a tracking device that some parents put in their children at birth so that they know where their kids are when theyre teens. it usually renders the child friendless.
The whole party got busted after my parents found me by using GPAss
by racebyrne May 30, 2009
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