a word that can express one's any emtion to a situation or thing,it pretty much can be used any time negative or positive.
what the goig is your problem?

that movie sucked, it was total goig

i am sooooo goiging happy!

you are such a stupid goig

that person is cool as goig
by TYAN QUINDER July 8, 2011
To leave.
Similar to "peace" or "dipset"

Pronounced Goyj
Sorry bud, I've gotta goige.

Time to goige.

Dude this party is bunk, let's goige.
by Jon Evenchick March 29, 2008
An insult with no actual meaning behind it. Usually used as a joke insult.
John: You are a goig.
Tim: This is detramental to my well-being.
by amonger27 October 13, 2022
The best person you will ever meet, nice personality and very kind.
Person1: "hi goffg goig!"
goffg goig: "hello!"
by YA BOI WBM June 24, 2021