When someone does something usually really stupid, or says something stupid, or makes no sense at all, then you give them a neck which is slapping the back of their neck hard (depending on what they did/say... if it's real stupid then you give it to them harder)
Garrick: Jennifer Alba looks hella good
Conan: you mean Jessica Alba?
Garrick : is that her name?
by mistajohnny November 5, 2006
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When a person say something wrong. You give them a neck.
You told me he suck ass in basketball. Now give me that neck no self-serve.
by Necknoself May 6, 2016
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the act of "dropping to your knees", also known as a blow job- the sucking or "blowing" of one's dick.
Boy- "will you give me some neck?"
Girl- "kay give me a sec and i'll blow you real quick"
by StephanieC January 21, 2007
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when some one says some retarded shit
Atta 1 : yo if you watch gay porn once its not gay
Dude 2: give me your neck you gerb
by cashcarti April 15, 2017
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