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A reeeeally small private school that nobody has ever heard of and nobody ever will. If you like having no social life and never doing anything on the weekend but homework then this is the place for you!
Where do u go to school?
I go to the GISSV!
Is that a school???
hey GISSV is the place to be!!
by Jessicer February 08, 2008
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stands for Genetically Inherited Spordically Secreted Viagra.
A substance injected into a patient that causes thier cells to secrete Sildenafil, a PDE-5 (Phosphodiesterase type 5) inhibitor which helps men with erectile disfunction get "pocket rockets". Cells will secrete Sildenafil when skin cells are in contact with cotton, wool, and polyester based fabrics. Common side effects are awkward silences, and loss of friends. Recently it was shown that 78.6 percent of GISSV using patients are the fathers, and suprisingly, somtimes mothers, of children who also experience the effects of the drug without ever having gone through the treatment,starting at around age 4. The developing team scientists discovered the unusual effect of the drug while under the influence of THC and Ethanol.
The GISSV is a great way to get your Abitur and Diploma... or atleast, get laid... oh wait... just jerk off.
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by gissv student August 28, 2018
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