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Abbreviation for "Go fuck your couch." It started off simple enough as a quote from Chappelle, then the "Go" was added, then it was simply abbreviated.
Greg: "It's a nice day"
Scot: "GFYC Greg!"
by ariesgeek October 24, 2009
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Historical context: Jun 24, 6:28 PM (ET)

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Vice President Dick Cheney blurted out the "F word" at Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont during a heated exchange on the Senate floor, congressional aides said on Thursday.

The incident occurred on Tuesday in a terse discussion between the two that touched on politics, religion and money, with Cheney finally telling Leahy to "f--- off" or "go f--- yourself," the aides said.


On September 8, 2005, Dick Cheney was on location near Gulfport, MS, surveying the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina. While Cheney was conducting a live interview with CNN, a Dr. Ben Marble, who had recently lost his home, interrupted and used Dick's own words against him by yelling, "Go Fuck Yourself, Mr. Cheney!"

The acronym has been abbreviated to GFYC. Dick has repeatedly proven himself to be disrespectful, and therefore deserves no respect.
by giftronic December 09, 2009
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When someone named Cody is being a real asshole, its a quick and easy way to tell him to fuck off. "wow, GFYC"
by Coclem June 05, 2014
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