The response you give to someone that saysHELLO THERE!”
by Pear Wild May 05, 2019
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The dankest Jedi in the history of dank jedi’s. Danker than Sith Palps. His famous phrase “hello there” warms the hearts of all memist’s.
Grievous: General Kenobi
General Kenobi: Hello there
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A response that must Imedatly come after someone shouts Hello there, such is The way
"Hello there!" "General Kenobi!"
by udontknowmeidontknowu September 22, 2020
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Iniate sex with a younglings mother with an open door l, wait for child to come home after school and stare them down shooting on my the mothers back whilst saying hello there.
I met this milf at the cantina and I did The General Kenobi
by General Kenobi October 07, 2017
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A statement you must mandatorily say when someone says hello there!
Me(to my crush): hello there!
My crush: General Kenobi!!
Me: I see you're a women of culture as well... Would you like to go on a date with me?
My crush: Yea sure anything for a Jedi slime..
by SimpleNeeds April 04, 2021
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