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g6 is defined as the coolest badedst mofo funniest guy any girl cud ask for. a g6 is a guy who always cares for his friends nd will garntie a smile on ur face. a g6 is a crazy asss guy. b1 is deffined as loud preety girls who are funny ass the defintionon forG6/B1 is a a pair of two best friends who are ultimaly the bestttt mofos in the world.g6s alwayss tend to overprotect thier b1 like hes an older bro but tat just shows tat he cares nd wudnt want shyt happening 2 b1 lke some1 raping her or causing her emotinal dammmage.
person 1: eyyy who are those two pple?
person 2: dude tats g6/b1

person 1:what the f** is tat?
person 2: tats the best type of friends anybody can ask for

person 1: dammm i wishh i had a best friend like they do
by awsomeeebff3mkay July 10, 2011
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