Gelandewagen. Quasi-SUV built by Mercedes-Benz. Originally made for European military forces, demand was so popular that they were offered to the European public, much like the Hummer H1 was in America. Until recently, was only available in comtinental Europe. Currently built in limited quantities. The exterior styling of the vehicle has basically remained unchanged since 1976, but apparently, it performs quite well off-road. Now one of the most popular vehicles with Hip-Hop stars, mainly because of their roominess and relatively expensive price tags.
Until Mercedes gives the G-Class a facelift, I'll take a new Range Rover.
by EJL April 28, 2004
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Gulfstream airplane, G500, short name "G5" as featured in "leavin" by jesse mccartney
girl we flying on the G5, G5 also G500
by 30h!3denver March 8, 2009
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