1. A Gangster has died and your showing Folk Love

2. G.I.P Weezy We miss You!
by Sonny6lack February 18, 2013
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* guy walking with attractive*

guys friends: G.I.P!!!
by nutbrain November 5, 2010
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1. Get It Poppin
2. To do something fun
3. To go out and party
4. To fuck bitches
5. To get money
6. To hang out with the boys
7. To go to the club
8. To plan a party
9. To Celebrate

Are we gonna G.I.P. tonight?

G.I.P. ayyyy?!?!?!
by axchino July 16, 2008
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A term used when pointing out to one's peers that it would be in their best interests to have sexual intercourse with a specified individual.
''Here Jazz, that burd you are with is well nice, G.I.P. (Get It Pumped)!!''
by ChrQ January 20, 2009
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