mid to late 90s. A stolen voicemail account that had an unchangeable passcode.

mostly asian teenagers would call this voicemail access number and listen to the customized greeting from the last person who used the g-line.

greetings usually consisted of shout outs to the previous user and representing their crew.

the 90s version of a online chat room. instead of screen names, people used AKAs. wanted to see a pic of someone? using snail mail would be the normal method.

1-800 g-line numbers were discovered. again, they were stolen with a passcode that was unchangeable. this opened up a larger and more diverse audience.
the airtouch g-lines were the best ones. you could actually transfer calls to make free long distance calls (albeit illegal).
g-line greeting:

in fast beat tempo-
...yo waddup, waddup this be (your AKA) representing (your area code) part of (your crew) giving love to the previous (last persons AKA).. and then whatever else ending the message with the words "ara-ara-arato!"
by crazy j aka joe December 2, 2010
Butt crack, usually appearing in part on hot chicks and plumbers.
"Your G-Line is showing."

"Hey, check fine G-Line"
by Sean Kerrigan October 14, 2007
Global kill line, on an IRC network. It can be either a kick across an entire netowork (a k-line would be used for just a specific server in the network) or to ban a specific user for a set amount of time or permanently (if set in the IRC server's configuration file)
I just G-lined the spamming bastard.
by Misterangry August 24, 2009
A pager voicemail account used as a shout out for gang members. Messages vary however is usually very fast paced and usually start out, "Ayo... Ayo.. this is nickname representing gang name, I wanna say wuz up to ...."
Represent on the G-line.
by Rickeee April 30, 2008