1.Action of taking too much G. Results are passing out, pissing yourself, shitting yourself and sometimes dieing.

2.Action of slipping G into your dates drink while she isn't looking. Result is a guaranteed wet dick at the end of the night.
Example 1.
Marcus: "How was Headlys birthday last night?"

Sean: "Oooooo not so good dude I g'd out and ended up passed out on Matts floor all bruised up, with piss all over myself"

Marcus: "Ouch"

Example 2.
Jenny: "How was your date with Sean last night"

Holly: "Oooooo not so good, the loser g'd me out, I came to with his pencil dick inside me"

Jenny: "Ouch"
by Rick Slender November 17, 2006
I was so G'd out earlier from that cap I took, girl that was some bomb ghb.
by L.Dime415 July 11, 2018
A phrase similar to : rock out with my cock out or hang out with my wang out.. This term is for gangsters...It is used to suggest that your going to go out and let loose and have sex with any girl that is down... It can also be used in a literal form all you have to do is go hang out with people and take your penis out. This phrase was originated in Virginia Beach VA the home of the true players.
Bro! I haven't got laid for a week .. Tonight I'm gonna be G'd out with my meat out.
by P-young March 12, 2012