gangter down. being g down means when you displayin full gang colors.
crip: I rolled in there g down, flag in my back left, brownies in my right, murda 1s n biscuits on
by May 20, 2008
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a street corner where a bunch of double mungers skate
lets go to g down 4 and eat some mung butter
by bitch tits December 7, 2004
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This comes from the streets, man! Often referred to in rap songs. It indicates the need to have the gangsters "up" or on top of things, and keep the Ho's (bitches) down. Thought to have originated from pimps who would say it to indicate their whores were on their backs making the money for the pimps. Often said when greeting a fellow G, or upon entering a room or party. Meant to re-assure
G1: Greetings. G's up, ho's down.
G2: Fo' shizzle, ma' nizzle. Word.
by Gacis June 2, 2004
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Type of Mdma aka Ecstasy popular on the east coast (especially Georgia and south Florida.

Its supposed larger dose of mdma causes it to be more expensive than "normal E"

Example prices of a city in south florida:
Regular E: $15 Each
Gs up: $20 Each
Yo man got some beans?
Fuck ya man I got some g's up hoes down lets roll on this shit
by Sn1p3r June 1, 2007
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