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Fuzzing is caused by the lack of blood flow in a particular area thereby producing a vibrating sensation. Fuzzing is most common on the face and hands and may cause light-headiness. Common causes of Fuzzing may be alcohol, a weed-induced high or a rush of adrenaline. Fuzzing is a short-term sensation and will wear off over time -- make the most of it.
"Oh man, my face feels like it's fuzzing"

"haha I'm starting to fuzz now"

by CK_x3 January 08, 2006
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In computer security parlance, fuzzing is the art of automatic bug finding. This is done by providing an application with semi-valid input. The input should in most cases be good enough so applications will assume it's valid input, but at the same time be broken enough so that parsing done on this input will fail. Fuzzing is mostly used to uncover security bugs.
The fuzzer spent the afternoon fuzzing his company's parts ordering system to crack the application.
by spoonyfork January 30, 2006
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When a large group of people dress up in furry costumes and perform sexual acts together.
Tonight i might go fuzzing in my bear suit.
Off fuzzing tommorrow?
by RayrayHammyyy July 17, 2011
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Whenever you are so drunk your ears and eyes wont function correctly
Jake said "My ears are fuzzing and my eyes are fuzzy"
by Josh1keflab March 03, 2017
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the act in which a male skeet's into a females hair
"Yea son then when i pulled it out i started fuzzing"
by Truth March 14, 2005
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