When you have a stomach flu or ate to many hot wings the night before, and youre on the toilet so much that your pooping out things you have not eaten yet.
My stomach is so messed up lately ive been future pooping
by PIG January 3, 2013
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(n) - food or drink that will inevitably cause the consumer to spend time on the toilet. While this term can technically be applied to any food or drink, it is best used to describe substances that will cause green apple splatters, montezuma's revenge, hershey squirts, or any similar form of the runs.
This Denny's Grand Slam is a some serious future poop. I'm probably gonna spend the next 35 minutes on the toilet.
by thejewbear August 1, 2010
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Noun: Meaning food. Anything edible. It all becomes one thing, future poop.
man: "What do you want for future poop?"
Woman: "Let's get burritos."
by BirdWop August 25, 2014
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