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also known as the "Mysterious Play", Fushigi Yugi is a shoujo ("girl", but it can be for guys too) by manga artist yu watase. its about this girl named Miaka and her friend Yui who get sucked into the Shi Jin Ten Chi Sho (The Book of the Universe of the Four Gods). Through many events, Miaka and Yui become enemies. In order to save the world, Miaka must gather the Suzaku Seishi (Suzaku Celestial Warriors) as Suzaku no Miko (Priestess of Suzaku) and summon the beast god, Suzaku. A very good, touching, romance story. With TONS of cute guys. ^^ (Warning: You WILL need tissue)
Fushigi Yƻgi is my most favoritest manga/anime series ever!
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e June 29, 2005
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1)One of Yu Watase's earlier manga series about a young girl named Miaka who is literally sucked into a book. She ends up in a fictional version of Ancient China and becomes The Priestess of Suzaku, or Suzaku no Miko and has to search for her seven shichiseishi.

2)The anime based on that manga.

3) A series of short novels, also based on the manga.

4) Genbu Kaiden- A prequel to Fushigi Yugi.
1)Fushigi Yugi is my absolute favorite Watase manga!

2)Well, I don't really like Full Metal Alchemist. I'd rather watch something, y'know, Fushigi Yugi!
by AJ Naoko June 17, 2005
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