The act of inserting a funnel into ones anus, whilst shitting through it into another persons mouth, straining the nutrients and waterier contents of the shit. Variations may involve the addition of a liquid such as urine for easier consumption.
Person 1: Fuck dude, I'm feeling so queazy right now, I think my shitters gonna blow.
Person 2: Well don't just waste it in your undies dude, want to do a Tunnel Funnel?
Person 1: I'm down for a good old Tunnel Funnel. Thanks man, your the best older brother ever.
by ErectEnigma July 27, 2020
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Pseudonym of 1LT Jaclyn Gill of the 94th BSB, 4th Brigade, 10th Mountain Division, Fort Polk, Louisiana. So named because she made some (bad) amateur porn in college and in one video, (after a BAD blowjob), swallows a guy's load through a blue funnel inserted into her mouth, then wipes it out with her hands and licks it from her fingers. She is also a total bitch who is the personification of incompetence, pure evil, and has a busted-looking rotten snatch.
Person 1: "Did you see the video where Jackie drinks the jizz through the blue funnel?"

Person 2: "Yeah, it made me puke so hard, my dog jumped out the window. Blue Funnel's one disgusting bitch."

Person 1: "I'd hit it."

Person 2: "Yeah, with a stick maybe."
by TehMaestro January 08, 2008
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A funnel similar to that used in the automotive industry which is placed inside the anus to assist in the intake of larger quantities of powdered a Disco Biscuit concert.
John bent Heather over and inserted the boof funnel into her anus
by highass March 20, 2010
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noun. A vagina, or woman's/gay man's anus during sexual intercourse.
My lawyer, Bill, was so eager to tell me that his secretary Mark has a much tighter meat funnel then his own wife has.
by cyberobotic July 29, 2010
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Sheets and funnel is a DMV slang term. Sheets refer to Bambu rolling papers and funnel refers to a lose leaf tobacco. This "funnel" is mixed with cannabis and rolled in a "sheet". Sheets and funnel is preferred by many people in the DMV over Backwoods and other blunts given multiple factors. These factors include: more economical, less chemical additives, better & slower burning.
DC Resident 1: Ayyy bruh why you not smokin' sheets and funnel
DC Resident 2: This is an organic Raw, what's sheets and funnel?
DC Resident 1: Bruh yo ass smokin BUTT naked! Sheets and funnel is weed and tobacco in a Bambu paper.
DC Resident 2: Bruhhh this is Gruntz in this Raw!
DC Resident 1: Bruh yo ass smoking Fruntz! And you smokin ASS NAKED lil boy!
by P2P narco May 08, 2019
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An alternate term for a cleft chin because when cum dribbles out of a woman/man's mouth it naturally acts a funnel, guiding the cum down the center of their chin to their chest.
I got a BJ from toothless Tammy last night, she couldn't take the whole load so it dribbled down her cum funnel and on to her tits.
by J. Edgar Allen May 18, 2010
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A small entrance to a dance floor, invented by Jon Taffer, designed to make people walk sideways and have eye contact.Comes in single and double varietys.
This is the deepest butt-funnel I have ever designed-Jon Taffer
by TheShad0wKat June 08, 2014
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