a name for a group of people who, by default and not by their own making, are considered the greatest people alive. Often of African american descent, and ALWAYS accompanied by a leader, who is referred to firstly, before any funky bunch member. Moreover, to become apart of a funky bunch is at the bequest of only the leader, it is virtually impossible to break into the bunch after the first members are decided upon.
zoe: hey look its morgie morg and the funky bunch
greata:oh yeah they so cool
by funky666 June 13, 2011
A sexual exploit consisting of 4 or more participants both giving AND receiving a salad tossing by positioning themselves in a circle while on their hands and knees. It's kind of a modified daisy chain with a side of rimjob.
When the Thompsons and the Nelsons get together for an evening of punch & pie, they always seem to end up in a funky bunch.
by T-B0NE666 January 5, 2005
A phrase used to describe a group of arseholes
Oh shit, the funky bunch is working today, looks like I'm in for a shit shift
by Daskinna July 2, 2019
A group of epic gym class heroes, comprised of Marky mark, hector the booty inspector, dj T, ashey ace, and scotty gee. They save the class from loss and despair.
We were winning in handball, but then Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch came along, and before we knew it we were down 30 points.
by GCHC86 March 12, 2011