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Verb: 1. An extension of the Spit Roast. After man 1 and 2 have penetrated the female participant and given each other a high five they then proceed to pick her up (while still engaged in intercourse) and spin her a full 360 degrees. A very difficult manuver.

2. A hand gesture made by raising the pinky and thumb and rotating the shoulder, thus symbolising the act of a "Full Rotation". Often said with a mock Spanish accent.
EbonP: I heard Franky and Lacrox gave a Full Rotation to isk8er last night?
Noa: Nice.
Conan: I wouldn't mind a "Full Rotation" with Foxin right about now.
by Bean-Bandit December 27, 2004
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An erratic sleep pattern in which one progressively goes to bed at a later time than the day before, which eventually circles back on itself. It can be used to correct an off sleep schedule by paradoxically making it worse and worse. It is most often practiced by unemployed, apathetic, sedentary, lonely men aged 20-23 with body-clocks longer than 24-hours (who do you think is writing this definition?). For the vast majority of people, it is impractical, but for that special something who just doesn't give much of a fuck about the outside world, it is a challenge accepted, and warrants Internet bragging rights.
A full rotation completed in 6 days, using 4 hour intervals, and 8 hours of sleep
Day 0: Bed 11pm, wake 7am
Day 1: Bed 3am, wake 11am
Day 2: Bed 7am, wake 3pm
Day 3: Bed 11am, wake 7pm
Day 4: Bed 3pm, wake 11pm
Day 5: Bed 7pm, wake 3am
Day 6: Bed 11pm, wake 7am (same as day 0)
by Philosofree May 29, 2015
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