When you have to pee and can't wait a second more.
Can we hurry? I have a full bladder
by SelEmma February 12, 2012
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Your bladder is full and you need to pee badly and you can't find a bathroom and don't know how long you can hold it before you go on yourself.
Hurry I'm having a full bladder emergency.
by stuffed animal lovers youtuber December 14, 2020
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When you had a full bladder that couldn't hold anymore and made you pee yourself
(didn't really happen):I was in the pool for a while and had to pee badly and my friend talked to me for a while and my bladder was bursting my legs were crossed and when my friend stopped talking I got up to use the bathroom and made it but my bladder just couldn't hold anymore and tried to hold long enough to use the toilet but I had a full bladder accident before I could use the bathroom and my bathing suit was soaked in pool water and my pee from my bladder.
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When you have a full bladder and don't make it to the bathroom in time.
I went to use the gas station bathroom but it was out of order with a full bladder that couldn't hold anymore so I had a full bladder fail right there.
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