An asshole. Gets high all the time. He will pretend he likes you but then dips. He has a small dick too, smaller than all his friends. He will go after every girl who just breathes in the same room as him. Sometimes I think he might be a little gay.
That’s Kenneth Fukunaga, the guy with the 2 incher.
by swag master🙉 April 3, 2020
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He is an amazing person on the Nekoma team in Haikyu!! He is just beautiful( ・・ )
He is the number 6 player on Nekoma
“I love shōhei Fukunaga, the number six player on Nekoma

by Bugswearsocks July 17, 2021
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A second year that goes to Nekoma Highschool in the popular sports anime haikyuu

(Also know as Mr. Freeze)
Person 1: did you see the guy who poorer water and the volleyball teams setter and ace.

Person 2: oh Mr. Freeze?

Person 3: you mean Fukunaga?
by Grey Frog April 10, 2021
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