a teenage boi that wears skatewear and flat brim hats thinking hes cool and sometimes vapes or has a hoverboard and wears sleeveless black hoodes. there u go
dude i saw this fukboi vaping and hovering with his stupid ass sleeveless hoodie
by penal cavity November 3, 2016
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Fat nigga that thinks hes the buffest guy around
Look at that fukboy he thinks hes hard.
by papichulote October 14, 2014
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To be a cock-sniffer or a stuck too confident bitch.
by Dh Lime September 8, 2017
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Jessica, Dickwad just texted me! OMG!
WHy are you excited gurl?
cause hes a FUKBOIIIIIIII!!
oh yea Fukbois for life.
by fukboi1234 January 25, 2020
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