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A magical, mystical place where doctors and their staff live. Everything there requires no thought or effort, everything is free including all computer hardware, computer support and office supplies.

In Fucktardiopia you can call people in the real world and have them listen to you ramble on about shit that is seemingly complicated to you, where in reality you just cannot think for yourself and natural selection has passed you by, so that you may continue breeding and making more little fucktards that the rest of us have to support.
What the fuck, you think this is free, oops I'm sorry you must be from Fucktardopia.

Should I hit Ok to continue or should I click Cancel, ya moron your not in Fucktardopia, try reading and thinking about what you should do.

You must be from Fucktardopia as you obviously failed reading comprehension.
by Tardmaster August 03, 2009
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