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The act of laying together naked and fucking, while taking little breaks throughout to snuggle and then resume fucking at some point. The penis can remain inserted during the snuggle portion of the fucksnuggle. Fucksnuggle, fucksnuggler, fucksnuggles is also a sweet nickname.
"Baby, I love you so much I don't only just want to fuck you, I want to fucksnuggle the shit out of you!!"

" I figured we could spend the day together, sleep in late, do a little fucksnuggling and then go have brunch."
by Karadactyle March 03, 2012
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n. 1.a nap(kip) or cuddle(snuggle) that turns into something more. Most effective when one partner (usually the male) wants to have sex, but has resolved ‘him’self to just the snuggle. 2. When one partner (usually the female) starts out wanting a snuggle, but then is turned on and wants to fuck.
Wife: let’s just cuddle.
Husband: well, alright.
(45 min. later)
Husband: Wow, that was quite a fucksnuggle!
Wife: Mmmm
by happily married August 08, 2008
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