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1) The ruined punchline of a joke.
2) The unfunny punchline of a long winded joke
3) The line written which makes no sense and ruins an essay/article/exam
4) The articulate and well thought out phrase which you perfcted in your head and then your mouth spandled the shit out of it, making you sound like you need medication
1) You are the linkest weak, goodbye!

2) You are the weakest link, goodbye!

3) "I failed! FAILED???!! But how??"
"There must be a fuckline in there somewhere."
4) "Oh yes, just like when you drithdrew all the cash and then flimmin'....whatever, yeah, but like YOU did it too, so whatever. Fuck you."

"Jesus, that was quite a fuckline."
by MagickDio May 28, 2012
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The sexy lines men have on each side of their stomach that lead down south.
You can see his fuck lines when he takes his shirt off.
by suzanna moe October 18, 2006
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