When you go to a small salon and pay a decent amount to get your hair done and later you find out the idiots who didn't finish beauty school. Basically, when your hair is so far ruined that only shaving it off will fix it.
victim: Shit! They made me pay for this fucked hair!
bystander: What the hell is wrong with your hair? It's pixied now!
by GloomyTaco (Editor) July 11, 2008
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The messy, snarled and sweaty hairstyle one has
after getting a proper and vigorous fucking.
I know EXACTLY why you're late! Your fuck hair says it ALL!!!
by Scrappy SamCat January 27, 2009
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How a girl's hair looks after she has had sex. It's wild, and sticking out everywhere. Any clips or accessories she had in her hair have fallen out or are out of place.
After I have sex with my boyfriend, I totally have fuck hair.
by yorkmom February 16, 2010
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noun | hair that is in crazy disarray. and they didn't necessarily even get any play. They just have that look to them.
"Honey, who was he? Cuz you've got the just-got-fucked hair look going on."
by dopeLabber November 28, 2001
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Having a messy, disheveled, looking head of hair, leading to the impression that you are successful in bed.
Geez Rasputin, you have fuck-sexful hair today. How was your night?
by ttmess June 28, 2011
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When a guy has thick and full hair that is always styled up, also fuck boy hair tends to be liked by females. Also when a guy is super stuck up and has nice hair in general.
The only reason he gets the bitches is because he has fuck boy hair, otherwise he is fugly
by boshithabeast January 25, 2018
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