Someone who could fuck up the simplest of requests.
Guy 1: I ask him to find my mail a letter and he forgets to put a damn stamp on it...

Guy 2: Wow, he could fuck up an anvil
by That_Toast_Swag June 5, 2011
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An ability to screw up simple tasks. Commonly written out as "X could fuck up an anvil" it is meant to imply a thing that should otherwise be unbreakable is not safe with them. A common revision of the insult involves adding the words "with a rubber mallet," as the fact that rubber is softer than steel means it should be impossible for a rubber mallet to do any damage to a steel anvil.
"Did Mike just touch the thing with the big sign right next to it that says 'do not touch?'"
"Yeah. Mike ... Mike could fuck up an anvil."
"With a rubber hammer."
by MapleStreet May 8, 2020
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