To do nothing at all, or at least nothing of productive use.
Bill was so hung over at work on monday, and the boss was out. He just sat at his desk and fucked the dog all day
by tx November 25, 2003
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Means dragging something out, or finding an excuse to not be working. Taking longer, sometimes 3 times longer to carry out tasks, just so you look busy.
Taking an hour to fill up a bin of water, the bin should take 10 minutes. He loves to 'fuck the dog'
Leaving to go to another area on the job site, then texting if anything is needed before they go. He's been fucking the dog for 20 minutes'
Taking an hour on a 30 minute job, hoping that someone doesn't notice. "lazy fuck, whata lazy fuck, he's fucking the dog'
Going to the 'bathroom' when infact having another smoke
Taking the long way round to do something.
Volunterring to go and do a simple job, or pick something up for someone, when you know they are going thet way anyway.
Pretending to be making an important call to someone that isn't infact answering 'that call'
by Bill Finley January 20, 2012
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When someone is on the clock (at work) and they stand around acting busy and actually do nothing.
The supervisor approached the crew of ditch diggers and separated the two who had been leaning on their shovels talking. He said that any more inaction on the job would lead to their dimissal. Stating further, I'll have no fucking the dog on my watch!
by 0verfiend June 26, 2005
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Not doing anything in particular because you have nothing to do or in an attempt to kill time.
The game doesn't start for another hour so I guess I'll just be fucking the dog until then.

My boss is going to be pissed off when he finds out I was fucking the dog all day.
by phreak_1983 January 1, 2006
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1. to waste time doing nothing

2. to make a severe mistake
Don't just stand there and fuck the dog, get going.
by The Return of Light Joker March 18, 2008
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Just like it says. A division of beastility that involves sexual intercourse between a dog and a human being.
Animal Porn slut: "I'm ready to go on camera and fuck a dog."
by Suck My Dick March 22, 2005
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