When someone truely slays at life and they are being an absolute queen.
Yass girl you sang so well at the show last night. Fuck it up!!
by Caligirl976 March 23, 2018
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to make somethign successful, or make it go your way.
by Skylar Michael November 28, 2007
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To ruin something.Or go out and have a great time!!
Hey man if you dont take this new job serious you'll fuck it up!.Or Hey bro'congrats on your new job or engagement lets go out tonight and fuck it up.(party hard,Look for a fight. meet chicks.Get drunk etc..
by pinche gavacho November 16, 2007
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(Positive conotion) The act of doing something in a dope way that impresses others.

(Negative conotion) In the present moment of doing something that’s shitty and everyone knows your taking a fat L.
(Ruins the design on a birthday cake) “Bro your fucking it up, you dumb piece of shit, fix it”
by Mr.Millennium September 20, 2018
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something you say to hype up your pal.
My friend Daquania looked hot so I said “fuck it up sis
by dickslayer6969 December 27, 2017
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fuck you up means that you are fucking pissed at someone and you are going to beat them...punch them or whatever
by Billy joe huff July 3, 2008
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To make a bad situation worst.
Stop fucking shit up, he's already got a knife in his neck.
by Emoske January 25, 2011
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