Just a body to fuck without character or feeling.
The fuck body was good for efficient, German sex.
by Über Hengst September 27, 2010
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An expression that gently informs the listener that their company or commentary is not appreciated.

See also: fuck off and die
by C. S. June 27, 2005
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Anything that is extremely tiring and thoroughly physically taxing which results in aches and pains. Such as 2 hours of muay thai, a full day of snowboarding, or single handedly fighting a contingent of angry midgets.
A: Jesus, you look like shit.
B: Ugh. yeah. just had a full body fuck down.
A: What?
B: 6 hours of advanced secret ninja assassin training. at 3am.
A: oh damn.
by sirulian January 4, 2011
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Brian: “this dude is actually fucking a dead body”
Jake: “what the hell why would he do something as horrible as that?”
Brian: “he said no homo tho
Jake: “oh ok it’s fine then”
by Lil big 4x October 16, 2019
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