Fuck Bitch's, Get Money otherwise known as F.B.G.M, is the number one rule for males that has been passed down since men have been around. First introduced by Ben Franklin who, after years of research began to express his beliefs about " Disregarding Females and Acquiring Currency." In an attempt to spread his message to the soon to be free Americans, he was mercilessly shot down by certain pussies in the continental congress who in turn were never mentioned again. However backed by Thomas Jefferson ( who we all know was the champ of F.B.G.M as demonstrated by all his chocolate fever) and many other Men they continued to profess their admiration for those four words. Through secret societies and subliminal messaging through out time they were able to pass on they're wisdom to allow men to survive this crazy world.

F.B.G.M is used in events such as when a fellow man is having women problems, confused about life, incredible angry or anything else in those category. It helps them remember mans ultimate goal in life: Fucking Bitchs and Getting Money.
Dude forget her. Fuck Bitch's, Get Money
Yo whats the gameplan tonight
Can't go wrong with that
by 4THEWU January 13, 2011
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means that you are done dealing with women and have decided to earn all the money you can.

also pronounced in acronym form: FBGM
"Little Tommy's girlfriend dumped him, so he said 'Fuck Bitches, Get Money'"

"Stephen said he's through with pussy"
"are you serious?"
"yea, he said 'Fuck Bitches, Get Money'"
"Stephen's a dumbass"
by Martimize February 13, 2008
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Guy 1 :Hey guys Let's play some Zelda!

Guy 2: Ok let's go fuck bitches and get money

fuck bitches get money
by zeldamaster1 August 18, 2011
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1. When one's goal is to fuck as many women and make as much money as possible, while simultaneously getting as fucked up as possible, on any hard street drug.

2. A multi-tasker.
by LeopoldStotch911$$ December 27, 2009
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bitches and money above everything else. all that matters is hoes and cash.
“bro my girl just broke up with me”
who cares fuck bitches get money fr
by hotmf July 05, 2021
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