Fuck 3 means to fuck a fake bitch. Its means you dont fuck wit a girl named alyssa because she is fake and talk mad shit about you. So dont fuck with fake bitches named alyssa
Fuck 3 and all that you stand for

Watch what you says cuz fuck 3 might be listening
by The truth slayer September 13, 2019
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saying that someone is crazy/mad in too many ways to count.
but with no diagnosed illness. they just appear very strange.

saying that there are too many things extremely wrong with someone to even begin to start to describe them. used when referring to mental-wrongs not physical or situational.
you need to watch out for that girl, lydia.
she is fucked 3 ways towards the sun!

(also used in the film "wedding crashers" when vince vaugn is reffering to a bonkers female character who wont leave him alone)
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A phrase used when a trans catgirl hacker obtains the no-fly list from the TSA.
"holy shit, we actually have the nofly list. holy fucking bingle. what?! :3"
by Veila February 24, 2023
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