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A woman who wants all of the benefits of a relationship without any of the responsibility. Fuccubi are often jealous creatures, expecting their boy toys to be faithful to them alone while playing the field. The soul-sucking female equivalent of a "Fuckboy."
"So how are things going with the new lady?"
"Well, she's really affectionate... but she's completely unwilling to be commit to a relationship but gets pissed at me when I'm not available."
"Sounds like a fuccubus to me buddy. Better watch your step."
by Justindrums August 26, 2017
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A truck or van which, having been seen from a great distance from a bus stop, bears a remarkable resemblance to a bus, but upon closer approach proves to be of absolutely no use for the purpose of public transportation.
I thought my seemingly endless wait at the bus stop was finally at an end, but my heart sank when I realized it was just another fuccubus.
by bal-de-vis October 17, 2011
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