To have ones mind scrambled or acid addled, under the effects of hardcore psychedelics.
"Where's Tiny Tim?"

"Don't even bother trying to get an answer outta him, he's as fruited as my Nans mince pies!"
by Jimjam July 6, 2013
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1. some one who is a flaming flamboyant homosexual

2. a very tasty edible snack, in which one might find a nice sweet pleasure from
1."MAN, those are so FRUITY boys in the cub scouts"

2. Eve shouldnt have eaten the forbidden fruit, yeah cause that god damn snake was mean
by Boot-aylicious January 28, 2003
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a fruit is another word for a "gay" person.
is Tom gay?

Yeah! He's totally a fruit!
by maizlat March 22, 2014
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When someone eats a lot of fruit
Angel: I ate a lot of fruit today, I’m very fruitful.
by Djjdbridjebdd December 13, 2020
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