The most radical and exciting week of a (Canadian) college freshman's life. There's a lot of drinking, partying, and optional clothing along with some lukewarm beverages and awkward pretentious flirting. American's generally fall under extreme jealousy over their school's lack of FROSH WEEK. Schools ranked with the best frosh week usually include Queens, Mcgill, and UBC. It's the ideal way to kick off college.
American Student: Wow I wish I went to school in Canada. Frosh Week sounds so kickass
Canadian Student: I know eh?
by fensoaf July 22, 2013
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The best week of your life in Engineering at Queen's, filled with fun, friends, funky FRECs, and possibly a little bit of greased pole. After this, its all GPA-less first term winters and failing 112. Here are some important things/definitions you need to know, the primer to the primer if you will:

A supreme god-like being; the coolest people you will ever meet. Can often be found slamming $500 GPAs (see below) on the ground and sporting kilts, pain chains, and work boots.

So so silly. They know nothing and think they know everything, little do they know they will never be a year.

The most stylish accessory one can ever sport. Every other frosh at Queen's is forever envious of the eng frosh's immaculate cut, although they will never admit to it.

We love them.

Golden Party Armor. Only the best and brightest frosh will be permitted to don and dye the most beautiful symbol of Queen's Engineering, permitted they pass first term exams (good luck).

The center of the universe. Home of Ritual and a hopefully a few fun nights for future frosh:)
ArtSci Kid 1: Bro, that SCI FROSH WEEK is so cool.

ArtSci Kid 2: I know bro, we will never compare.
by freakyFREC January 16, 2022
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