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Phrase that describes the disgusting luck that Joe The Fro has.
guy: Damn, I saw Joe The Fro pulled over yesterday for speeding, he must be so bummed
fanboy: Helll no, damn Fro Luck bailed him out and he got a slap on the hand
guy: lucky bastard!!!
by BobJohnson September 19, 2007
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When someone wins a competition, not by luck of his own accord, but of the failure of others to perform their duties.
"I can't believe Fro Luck came in again, he had a 2% chance!"

"What'd you expect, the Fro Luck is strong in this one."

"I can't beleive the 3 people that needed to lose, lost today! Damn this Fro Luck!"
by BiffBlazer December 03, 2013
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